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About Us

               The “Hidden Gem with a Sonoma Valley feel” 

Our restaurant, 618, would not be here today if I had not met Christopher Dutka through a mutual friend, John Bruzzese, on a cold and blustery day in January 2016.  On that day, Chris and I  shared stories of our past experiences in the food industry and found that we both came from two very different worlds of food. With that in mind, we realized how valuable our varying experiences could one day be to us. With our combined interest in all things food and a lot of hard work, 618 emerged from our hopes and dreams to brick and mortar reality.

So, let’s fast forward to today, November 1, 2017, our 1st Anniversary.  We are extremely happy to have had the opportunity to reach such an important milestone in the restaurant business. We are happy to successfully establish that “something different,” type of atmosphere at 618 - "an impeccable culinary experience in the heart of Monmouth County." 

As we look to the future, we hope to continue to provide our guests of new and old a place to enjoy an atmosphere with a modern rustic feel.  Our guests will always be provided with our extraordinary service, our unique handcrafted cocktails, our meticulously prepared dishes, our signature Pat LaFrieda steaks, our fresh fish delivered daily, our farm-to-table produce, and our impeccable homemade desserts.

 I hope you enjoy our dream and thank you for the opportunity to share it with us.


                         Matthew Borowski

Our Team